@FekkyOfficial Future Client Appreciation: Day 2

The second artist this week were going to look at today for our Future Client Appreciation week is Fekky “Mr Bu Bu Bang” the musician has only been rapping the last year but came onto the scene with Ring Ring Trap.

As part of this FCA week we will be sharing ways we think we could help various artists & companies during the week. Below is just a few hints and tips we think could boost the Fekky brand.

 Ring Ring Trap Remix

 Come On Den.

Download The Mixtape “Come On Den” Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid

Few Things We Would Help Fekky With Would be

  • Build an official Fekky fan page on Facebook
  • Create an Official Fekky website as his current one has been down for about 2 months
  • Build a website to sell his clothing on.
  • Do more “Day in the life of Fekky” videos
  • Linking His Instagram To His Facebook
  • And Generally Making Sure Everything Is Up To Date And All Latest Information Is Correct.
  • And much more we will leave til we meet Fekky face -to – face.

Share Your Thoughts..

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