Fav Tweets Of Week: Week 1

Just a selection of tweets I find funny relate to or just thought need sharing with the world.

As long as u happy with YOU nothing matters….fuk people…we all gonna die anyway one day.. – @Ayeverb

U Gotta Watch Friends u Tell ur Business To They Got Friends, Who Got A Friend Who Don’t Fuck With u Please Believe They Know ur Business To – @Tnkcotterell

Don’t let your surroundings limit you. You can be an international business & scale if you surround yourself with the right people.#crackon – @JDentrepreneur

Discussing problems without discussing solutions is one of the most pointless conversations you can ever have. – @Cthagod

Can’t stand when people say “can you do me a quick favour?” and it turns out to be the LONGEST mission you could possibly encounter. – @Lisia_

When a chick from uk tells me shes a urban video model, my brain translates it to “im unemployed n now n again couple man buy me gifts” – @FunnyTummy

Oppurtunity is Gods way of saying. ”Here’s what u asked for if ur willing to work for it” – @Yungill314

You think your smart by privatising your insta but ill just go on your twitter pictures and theyre all there? I win. – @Kharikamal

Sometimes this rap shit just feels like one broke dude trying to look like he’s not broke to impress another broke dude. – @Refinedhype


Which is your favourite comment below and let them know click on the link to tweet them.


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