Fav Tweets Of The Week :Week 2

My Favourite Tweets Of The Week I Fought Was Funny Or Could Relate To.

“People used to imagine that 2012 would be full of flying cars… but all we have is blankets with sleeves” Hahahahahahahaha. – @PsykoUK

You will never get nothing accomplished if you think you have to be cool with everybody you do business with .. – @DashLiving

Jus saw video of 3 diff dogs drivin cars so no way can i link a ting tht cnt drive cuz even a wild dog can drive now – @FunnyTummy

Why does everyone think they can be a boss. Can’t u just find a role and be the best at it. Not everyone is cut out 2 lead – @DJLIVEWIREUK

If Arsenal fans had any idea how much they moan they’d moan about that as well. – @Dave_Tynan

Some people’s instagram profiles are nothing but themselves, who takes your pics??? – @KaeKurd

So many artists gas about PRS but don’t get it twisted…. Most of them don’t get enough PRS to fund a round of beers – @DJplastician

Only dumb young minded females are attracted to tattoos and flashy stuff lol – @Rshayy

Stay prepared, never scared @Artismyhustle

When you give up you set ya self so far back mentally. @Wayno119


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