Fav Tweets Of The Week :Week 3.5

Tweets I find Funny Or Can Relate too. Week 3.5 Lets Go!

I swear to God it’s not a poor person on Instagram – @LilDuval

If Facebook and Twitter shut down tomorrow how will you reach your fans? You must find a way to own your contact data. Create a database. – @Urbanthreshold

Are you really a ‘homeowner’ till you’ve paid off your mortgage tho…just sounds like glorified renting… – @Delazorro

Funny shit is the world ended for a lot of people the moment they gave up on themselves. – @Wayno119

If Your Always Running To The Cash Point To Check Your Bank Balance On Pay Day Then Your NOT Doing Something Right – @FunkyDee1

if it took the tragedy in connecticut for you to kiss your kids or tell them you love them everyday. then you are a part of the problem. – @DoggieDiamonds

Everyone benefits financially from Christmas apart from the consumer. Makes me sick. – @PoetsCornerUK


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