Why The Quick Fix Doesn’t Exist In Social Media

I speak to so many businesses who moan that they’ve been on Twitter a few weeks and got no business from it. Or that their Facebook page has been running for months with little result.

So many businesses are looking for that ‘quick fix’ – the thing that’s going to bring them loads of business very quickly with very little effort. And the truth is, there isn’t one!!

Just like all forms of marketing, social media takes time, patience and effort! It’s rare that in your first week on Twitter, the customers flood in. You’ve got to build a presence and relationships within that presence to really reap the rewards.

And you’ve got to have other forms of marketing working in harmony! Putting all your eggs in the social media basket is never a wise idea! Your social media activity should complement and work with your current marketing, rather than being the only source of customers for you.

So, don’t go looking for that quick fix. Instead, put the work in and the rewards will come!

Via Sam Flynn

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