Monday Motivation: Haters, Back Stabbers And Followers

Call them what you want: #haters, #followers, #backstabbers, they are all the same. People want what the can’t have. More often, people want what you have! Success only sometimes comes with #money, it always comes with problems. The thing they never teach you in #business school is about the onlookers. They never mention with success it breeds hate. They never mention with success comes jealousy. They never teach you with success comes snakes. People always ask when they know they are successful. The answer easy, when people start to hate! You need to make a choice, and make sure you stick to it. Some people do things for themselves and their families, and some people do things for a pat on the back. Are you trying to be the cool guy, or are you trying to stack chips? Rarely do they come together! With business there will be battles, you either are in this to win or loose. Few things are easy, if they are, they usually aren’t worth it. I often get asked about my obsession with #snakeskin, well, what else do you do after you skin those snakes? It’s #Friday don’t chill relax when your fucking dead. Know what you are getting into before you enter into the business world. Being an employee is one thing, being an owner is another. Some people don’t have the stomach for the heat!

Via Vintage Frames


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